The SA520 spring return actuator series was engineered and is manufactured to Provide fail safe operation for any quarter turn application such as ball , plug , Butterfly valves.

Simplicity, reliability and economy are at the top of the list of design parameters.



- Totally enclosed, weatherproof housing in fabricated carbon steel for maximum Strength

- Scotch yoke actuators are the proper solution to motorise the most common type of quarter-turn valves,due to their dedicated torque trend; they are suited to the larger valve sizes where high break Away torques are Required or for valves with high working pressure.

- External travel stops for precise angular stroke adjustment between 82° and 98°

- Hard chromium plated and polished guide bar and piston rod for corrosion resistance and minimal friction

- Electro less nickel plated and polished cylinder for corrosion resistance and minimal friction 

- Spring module to provide fail-safe operation

Notes :

-Max . Allowable  Working  Pressure : 10 Barg       

(Static pressure applicable to fully stroked actuator

Against the travel  stops) 

SET: Spring Ending Torque to close (0°)

SRT: Spring Running Torque (45°)

SST: Spring Starting Torque to close (90°)

GST: Gas Starting Torque to open (0°)

GRT: Gas Running Torque (45°)

GET: Gas Ending Torque to open (90°)

- 1 Barg = 14.5 Psig